ATM Complain: How to file ATM complain and check status

Automated Teller Machine popularly known as ATM is one of the most sought after machine to withdraw cash 24×7 around the world. The fist ATM in the world was installed by Barclays in London in 1967 and after globalization it gained momentum with more and more banks setting up ATMs across the country.  In India, first ATM was installed by HSBC in Kolkata in 1987 and later all banks followed the suits and now the highest number of alternate channel transaction is done through ATM.

Lets get back to the real issue that we were supposed to discuss in this article i.e how to file ATM complain and how to check the status of the same.

Basically there are three types of ATM complain a banker encounter and they are – Customer Account debited but Cash not disbursed, Cash disbursed but customer account not debited and online transaction by ATM card related issues.

Customer account debited but cash not disbursed:

The most common problem faced by customer are they received receipt or SMS regarding withdrawal of money from ATM but the cash not disbursed by the machine. There are several reason for the same – Technical problem at the ATM, Link failure, Power failure, Currency note got stuck at dispenser due to replenish of non ATM fit note at the machine.

Cash disbursed but customer account not debited:

Generally, a customer don’t lodge a complain for this kind of issues. The bankers at fault and in this kind of cases, after detection they put hold/ lien mark on customer account to recover the dues. Many a times bank impose double hold/ lien on the account which leads to complain.

Online transaction by ATM card related issues:

Sometimes customer faces problem of double debit or non-receive of payment by merchant in online payment though ATM-cum-Debit/ Credit card. This is mainly due to network delay, ‘parsing error’ and other technical reasons.

How to lodge complain?

All banks in India has its own dedicated 24×7 toll free number to serve its customer. You may lodge your ATM related complain there. You can also visit the branch and submit the complain in writing.

Country’s largest bank – State Bank of India has set up it’s own contact center to carter the need of it’s customer and in case of SBI, ATM related complain is only to be registered through contact center.  1800 11 2211 (tollfree), 1800 425 3800 (tollfree) or 080-26599990. You can find the list of all bank toll free customer care number here.

How to track status of ATM Complain?

You can call the toll free number with your complain ticket number to know the status of your ATM complain or visit the branch with complain ticket number to know the status.

Penalty for bankers if ATM complain not resolved within due date:

RBI has prescribed that all ATM related complain is to be settled within 7 days from the date of complain or customer is to be paid Rs.100/- per day till the resolution provided to him/ her, provided that the ATM complain is lodged with the bank within 30days from the date of dispute.

For Customer Care Number (Toll Free) of your bank read All Bank Customer Care Number (Toll Free).

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