Modes of Operating Bank account: Modes of Operation

 The primary relationship between the bank and its customer is that of a debtor-creditor, various other relationships also arise out of the other functions performed by bank. Banks deals with different types of customers such as Individuals, companies, partnership firm, club, trusts, co-operative society etc. Banks are required to ascertain the capacity to contract of […] Continue reading →

Wholesale Banking: Short Note on Wholesale Banking

 Earlier we have discussed about retail banking which refers doing banking business with individuals. In this article we will discuss about Wholesale Banking. The term Wholesale banking which refers doing banking business with Industrial and business houses. In India, Bank have been doing this type of business from the very beginning and this segment of […] Continue reading →

Universal Banking: Universal Banking in India

 What is Universal Banking? The term Universal Banking means offering all types of financial products under one roof. The products offered under Universal Banking are ranges from Banking to Insurance, Mutual funds to capital market related products like brooking shares and commodity, from merchant banking activities to officers investment product like sale of gold/bullion, government/corporate […] Continue reading →