Functions of Commercial Banks in India

 India is a huge country with a glorious, rich heritage and diversified economic activity. Initially, the function of commercial banks in India was to meet the short-term financial needs of various sectors of the economy. However, the increasing complexity and diversity of Indias economy, the range of services provided by banks has increased significantly to the […] Continue reading →

Bank vs NBFC: Difference Between Bank and NBFCs

 Bank: A bank is a financial institutions which accepts deposits from surplus sector of an economy or public and lend it to the sector which requires funding. NBFC: Non- Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is a diversified group of institutions excluding commercial banks and co-operative banks, performing financial […] Continue reading →

Present Governor and Deputy Governors of Reserve Bank of India

 Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the executive head of this central banking institution and to assist the Governor, at present, there are four Deputy-Governors. One Governor, Four Deputy-Governor, One Finance Ministry representative, 10 Central Government nominated directors and Four Local Boards directors are the constituents of Central Board of Directors which looks […] Continue reading →